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Our Church

  • Congregational Care
    • Providing prayers, friendship, support, cards and care to CPC members, the Congregational Care team bring a smile to someone’s face, provide or deliver meals, offer support in times of bereavement and, along with the Fellowship Team, organize receptions for funerals and memorial services.
    • Our Lord used a visual parable to describe our caring community together: Jesus is the vine, we are the branches, and together we are rooted in Scripture with the words of the Apostle Paul ringing in our ears: “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15).

When storms and disease threaten the health of the branches the care teams bring prayer, food, encouragement, and financial recourses to those in need. Christ’s care and kindness are contagious!  

    • Do you need someone to talk to? Moral support?  Have need for a prayer about a specific issue?  Are you or a loved one homebound?  Contact the church office today.  We’re here to listen and help however we can.
  • Some of our many Congregational Care opportunities include:
    • Casseroles for Comfort and Care
    • We collect frozen homemade casseroles or fully cooked meals to be given from our church family to others facing difficult circumstances.  Bring your meal to the church in a disposable container, attach a pre-printed label describing your dish that can be found on top of the kitchen freezer and place in the freezer. 
    • If you, or someone you know, would enjoy a casserole or are interested in delivering one to someone in need, call the church office. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry

  • Wrapped in Love. From 1 to 3 pm every other Monday afternoon a dedicated group meets at church to knit all types of beautiful items for our prayer shawl ministry. God’s glory can be found in the laughter that comes from the room during their time, but more importantly, the items that they create are delivered to people who are in need of the kind of warmth that comes from something hand-made in love.  Contact the church office for more information.

Using your Spiritual Gifts

  • All of Cordova members and friends are encouraged to be regularly involved in the work of our church.  This is truly the gateway to becoming fully engaged in Cordova’s ministry and our family of faith.  Whether you like to drive, teach our kids, talk on the phone, cook, dig in the dirt, write, take photographs, travel on mission trips, or keep our Sanctuary stocked and in order, there's surely an activity that will bring you closer to God, your neighbor and others here in our church family.

Honor and Memorial Gifts

  • During the Christmas and Easter Seasons there are opportunities to purchase poinsettias or Easter lilies and tulips for worship in honor or memory of loved ones. 
  • Year-round a gift to the church is an excellent way to honor a faith-filled life. Memorial gifts may honor someone who has recently died.  However, gifts to the church may also honor a person who continues to live grounded in his or her faith.  

Furthering the work of the church is a lovely way to celebrate a significant occasion (such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a birthday), remember a loved one, or honor someone special with an honor or memorial gift in their name to the church Memorial Fund. Your gift will be a tribute loved ones, further legacies of faith and honor the values their lives affirm.

We will gratefully acknowledge your thoughtful donation by notifying the person or family member you designate (no gift amount is ever disclosed). Contact the church office for details.

Our Finances

Finance Committee

  • After the Session reviews and adjusts all budget requests for the coming year in light of pledges received, the proposed new budget is presented to the congregation at our annual meeting every January. 
  • Serving with integrity and quiet dedication, Offering Counters create a detailed report for the Treasurer for recording.
  • If you are interested in volunteering on our financial team or would like more details about the budget, contact CPC’s Finance Chair, Bill Spencer or Treasurer, Dee Ann Van Hoeck.
  • Your Financial Pledge
    • Stewardship of our resources forms an essential part of Christian life and duty.  Our annual commitment campaign in the fall allows our church leadership to determine staff salary levels, the kind and amount of services we can perform, our educational and outreach projects, scheduling for upkeep of our church home, and our investment in our amazing worship music programs.
    • Pledges form the majority of the funds available to the church for day-to-day ministry. As our congregation grows, it is even more vital that pledges keep pace with the greater staff support needed and other expenses incurred.  Keeping your pledge up to date ensures that our receipts can match our expenses year-round.

Our Property

  • With such a large church property and two buildings to maintain our Property Committee, in partnership with our Custodial Caretaker and Office Administrator, are always busy with the care of our land and facilities.  If tasks such as gardening, painting, maintenance, cleaning or organizing sound like fun to you, there is always a place for you to serve on this team!  See our Custodial Caretaker, Gordon Coughlin, or contact the office for contact information for one of the committee’s co-chairs.
  • Besides our weekly Sunday worship service — to which all are welcome — Cordova Presbyterian Church welcomes non-church groups to use our property for various group meetings and activities.  For more information on our building-use policy and for forms to request the use of our facilities, please contact the church office.  

Our Community

  • Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC)
    • The Cordova Presbyterian ECLC is a Christian school offering classes for children 12 months to 5 years of age that is affiliated with our church as an outreach ministry.

They and we believe each child is uniquely created by God.  The ECLC staff and board of director’s strive to strengthen each child’s individuality through education, social interaction and play.  Accredited by the State of Tennessee they have been a Three Star Agency for the past ten years, which is the highest rating in our state.  

For more information check out their website or call their director, Camille Stump, directly at (901) 359-1534.

  • Local Outreach
    • Cordova has a special relationship with a number of local outreach programs initiated by other organizations, as well as local schools.  Our involvement primarily consists of periodic donations of specific goods and services. 
    • Some of our local outreach initiatives include:
      • First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen and Clothes Closet
      • Habitat for Humanity
      • The Hospitality Hub
      • MIFA/ Meals on Wheels
      • The Cordova High School Choir

Our World

  • Some of our national and international mission outreach initiatives include:
    • Heifer Project International
    • Living Waters of the World Mission Trips
    • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

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This Week's Calendar

Sunday– February 18
10:30 a.m. Worship
11:30 a.m. Annual Congregational Meeting
11:45 a.m. Fellowship
Noon Choir Rehearsal
12:00 p.m. Session

Monday– February 19
Presidents’ Day
1:00 p.m. Prayer Shawl

Tuesday– February 20
6:00 p.m. W.O.W. Group

Sunday– February 25
10:30 a.m. Worship
11:30 a.m. Fellowship
Noon Choir Rehearsal

Planning Ahead

Tuesday– February 27
12:30 p.m. Book Club

Friday– March 2
World Day of Prayer

Monday– March 5
1:00 p.m. Prayer Shawl

Tuesday– March 6
1:00 p.m. BUNCO

Wednesday– March 7
6:00 p.m. Wednesday Night Dinner

Sunday– March 11
Daylight Savings Time Begins

Tuesday– March 13
11:00 a.m. BINGO

Sunday– March 18
9:00 a.m. PW Bible Study

Sunday– March 25
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Cantata

Sunday– April 1